Humour as Therapy – Blog Post 19

Comedy has played an enormously important role in my life. Particularly in times of darkness, loneliness, depression, sadness. Comedians that I have connected with, have not just made me laugh for a few moments, but given me hope that my own little world view had actually not been so odd, weird, solitary.

There is nothing funny about child abuse. As developed as I hope my sense of comedy is – for satire, dead-pan, sarcasm, self-deprecation, lunatic slapstick etc, this is not a subject I can find any humour in. Perhaps that’s just me.

Putting that to one side, given that I was raised with ritual religious abuse, I can and do draw delight and comfort in comedy about theology and the ultimate existential question.  And I am a great believer in the power of humour as therapy, that enables me as an adult, to laugh, mock, deride the absurd theological concepts I was originally indoctrinated with as a child and again, once drugged, electro-shocked and browbeaten as a teenager, forced to readopt.

The comedians below, professional and amateur, have over the past 20+ years helped me hugely in being able to laugh at that which I was once so scared of. That which terrified me so greatly and even at one time, made me doubt my own sanity.

There’s nothing quite like reaching the stage of recovery where you can laugh at your own fears. I continue to work with that. I hope that some of these links might help you see the humour in the craziness of existence, whatever you have escaped from.

‘To truly laugh, you must be able to take your pain, and play with it’. – Charlie Chaplin 

NB: I am an atheist. I fully support the right of each and every adult to believe whatever they choose; I have no desire to judge or push my own views on anyone else, and would hope people show me the same respect. I am also an anti-theist, in so much as I strongly condemn the enforced theological indoctrination of children. I consider it a form of abuse.

Early Stand-Up Pioneers

Dave Allen on Theology & Catholicism as a Child

Dave Allen on Religious Jokes (Catholicism)

Monty Python on Crackpot Religions

George Carlin on Religion is Bullshit

Bill Hicks on Religion

Peter Cook/Dudley Moore: Derek & Clive on the Bible

Robin Williams on Biblical History

Richard Pryor on Religion

Old Skool Torch-Bearers

Stewart Lee on The Answer is Jesus

Eddie Izzard on Noah’s Ark

Eddie Izzard on Moses

Eddie Izzard on Jesus & Dinosaurs

Dylan Moran on Religion

Dylan Moran on Biscuits & Catholicism

Dara O’Briain on Religion, Creationism & Sarah Palin

Bill Maher on The Problem with Religion

Steve Martin on Atheists Don’t Have No Songs

Billy Connolly on Christian Rock

Rowan Atkinson (Not The Nine O’Clock News) on God

Rowan Atkinson on Amazing Jesus

Fry & Laurie on Naked Bible Study

Omid Djalili on Jews Vs Christians

Seinfeld on Jewish Food

Latter Day Comedy Saints

Louis CK on God & Heaven

Louis CK on The Schedule of Hell

Louis CK on God is Like a Shitty Girlfriend

Ricky Gervais on Jesus is an Unpaid Babysitter

Jimmy Carr on World Religions

Sarah Silverman on Religion is Crazy

Frankie Boyle on Celebrity Atheists

Bengt Washburn on Mormon Mission

Bengt Washburn on Circumcision

David Mitchell on What The Hell Is Going On?

Mitchell & Webb on The Great Priest

Mitchell & Webb on The Evil Vicar

Jimmy Gaffigan on Jesus, Beyond The Pale

Kurt Metzger on Religious Tolerance

For Ex-Jehovah’s Witnesses

Katie Kitten on PRAYER (Stand Up for Jehovah)

The Great Apostate on What Were You Counselled For?

Deborah Frances-White on Saving Brother Ryan

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2 Responses to Humour as Therapy – Blog Post 19

  1. A great post. I share your view that laughter is a vital resource for victims. You might, also, enjoy “The Last Laugh”. It’s a film that explores how humor helped victims of the Holocaust to survive. You can find it here:


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