Jehovah’s Witnesses, Activism and Anger

I feel angry today.

I am angry that some members of my family were allowed to ‘fade’ from the cult whilst I have been shunned. I’m angry that they refuse to acknowledge how damaging and painful this continues to be. I’m exasperated that I’ve tried to build a life for myself over the past 20 years that was based on a false perspective of my childhood. I’m angry that my brain has decided to give me this information now and I didn’t understand it before. I’m frustrated that it’s derailed 3 years of work to get to university. I’m angry that I was abused and no-one did anything to help me. I’m angry that I was indoctrinated and terrified as a child & not given the chance to make a conscious decision as an adult. I’m angry that no amount of personal effort can ever ‘make up’ for what was lost.

Most of all, I’m angry that this is still happening to children today in fundamentalist cults and public awareness is, at best, poor, and action against it is spotty and almost non-existent.

Let me be crystal clear. Jehovah’s Witnesses (the organisation) are not ‘eccentric but fairly harmless’. They are not ‘a religious charity that tries to do good’. They are not ‘a bit unusual’ nor ‘a little bit extreme’ nor are they ‘just exercising their religious freedom’, nor ‘trying to spread the good news of the bible’. They are not ‘misguided’ but basically decent.

They are a dangerous, thought-reform, high-level control cult that ruins lives and destroys families. They encourage their members to die for want of medical treatment, and then applaud it. They psychologically torture anyone who tries to leave by using extreme shunning. They withhold crucial, basic information from children regarding abuse and education. They embed loaded language deep into members’ sub-conscious to create a false emotive response to enable manipulation. They isolate children from society and teach them to repress the development of self-identity. They hide and protect paedophiles. They blame, shame and vilify victims of abuse. They demand complete unquestioning obedience to the cult and use terror and guilt to enforce it. They rake in huge profits from their international business corporation and then claim tax-exempt charity status. They actively and deliberately obstruct and oppose any attempts by government agencies and individuals to expose their practices.


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3 Responses to Jehovah’s Witnesses, Activism and Anger

  1. Maria Cabral says:

    your blog posts are a breath of fresh air to me! its about time people knew the truth about the “truth”

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